幾次靈氣治療 Several Reiki Healings

靈氣 類風濕性關節炎
幾次靈氣治療類風濕性關節炎 Several Reiki Healings
借助靈氣的力量,我開始了解 William Lee Rand 的網站,我想我可以在那裡了解更多的訊息。我想分享我在引導靈氣的力量時的罕見經歷。第一個接受我的靈氣的是一位患有類風濕性關節炎的女士。當我第一次見到她時,她無法抬起她的四肢,因為她的四肢因病殘障的相當嚴重。她已經 15 天沒有好好睡覺或進食了(!),看起來很累。氣場也灰濛蒙的,原本可以稱得上非常美麗的容顏也失去了魅力。她痛哭流涕,渴望靈氣治療,至少能夠睡覺和吃飯。有趣的是,我在接受靈氣啟蒙後僅三天就開始了這些靈氣療程。我沒有被告知我必須在整整 21 天後才能被允許治療。也許上帝的恩典對我有不同的作用。那位女士後來能夠很好地睡覺和吃飯,我們都很高興。
10天后,她的四肢開始能夠自動移動。 (對於這種嚴重的疾病,即使是最細微的動作也是很重要的。)她通常無法在沒有幫助的情況下抬起雙腿,但在她的靈氣治療期間,腿會自動向上移動,且她無需費力,人們可以看到她能些許向內轉動雙腳。我的靈氣大師很想把它錄下來,但個案反對。然而,我的一些靈氣通靈者見證了它。有時,我在現場的時候會使運動成為可能,並且可以聽到關節處的一些破裂聲。然後我建議她的丈夫接受靈氣點化,他同意了,並一直給他的妻子靈氣。這位女士現在能夠自由行走並自由舉起雙手。到目前為止,治愈率幾乎達到 80%,她的醫生稱其為醫學奇蹟。雖然我從未表示我想要任何錢來為我的靈氣服務提供資金,但這位女士給了我一千盧比(25 美元)!對於初學者來說,這個數量是非常巨大的。
我和所有來找我尋求這種神聖靈氣力量的人繼續我的靈氣療程。在練習靈氣作為治療師四年後,我現在已經成為靈氣大師,並在兩個月內啟動了 10 位靈氣治療師。我找到了快速治癒的新方法。
《靈氣和創傷後壓力症候群 PTSD 》
Several Reiki Healings
With the power of Reiki I came to know about William Lee Rand's website, where I think I can learn more. I’d like to share the rare experience I had when channeling the power of Reiki. My first recipient was a lady affected by rheumatoid arthritis. She was, when I first met her, not able to lift her limbs as they were considerably crippled. She had not slept or dined for 15 days (!) and appeared so tired. The aura was so grey and the face of what would otherwise be called a very beautiful lady had lost its charm. She was weeping profusely and had craved Reiki sessions at least to get sleep and to be able to eat. It may be interesting to note that I had started these Reiki sessions only three days after undergoing my Reiki initiation. I had not been told that I should necessarily empower myself for 21 full days. Maybe God’s grace worked differently for me. That lady was able to sleep and take food admirably well, and we were so happy.
After 10 days, her limbs started moving automatically. (Even the minutest movement matters much in respect to this crippling disease.) She could not normally lift her legs without help but during her Reiki sessions, the legs would be moving upwards automatically with no effort from her, and one could see some inward turning of both the feet. My Reiki Master was anxious to get it videotaped but the recipient objected to it. However some of my fellow Reiki channelers witnessed it. Sometimes, my very presence would make the movements possible and some cracking sounds at the joints would be heard audibly. Then I suggested that her husband be attuned to Reiki, which he agreed to do and has been giving his wife Reiki. The lady is now able to walk freely and lift her hands freely. There has been an almost 80% cure so far and her doctor has called it a medical miracle. Though I never indicated that I wanted any money for my service with Reiki power, the lady gave me one thousand Rupees ($25)! For a beginner this amount is very huge.
I have continued my Reiki sessions with everyone who came to me seeking this divine Reiki Power. After practicing Reiki as healer for four years, I have now become a Reiki Master and initiated 10 Reiki channelers so far within two months. I have found new methods to bring about fast cures.
Let me conclude with this. The lady next to my house was suffering from severe headache and giddiness but after some Reiki is now perfectly alright and has become a Reiki channel herself! Reiki love and light.
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R. Ganesh
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